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hey there...i kind of stumbled upon your site and was glad to read of a fellow Christian who is REALLY a Christian. i attend Messiah College here in PA, and it’s upsetting to see so many people here, at a Christian college, who claim to be Christian but don’t really live it, or don’t fully understand what it means to live it. i used to be the same way, i guess, but i’ve definitely seen the error of my ways. it’s also interesting that you go to Penn State. I have a cousin and a few friends who go there, and i only live about 45 minutes from there. well, i just wanted to let you know that i like your site and that you have great taste in music. and keep living the faith...the world needs more Christians like you! God Bless!

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01. Aug 31, 2002 at 5:52pm by Anthony:

Hi there, thanks for your kind words! Sorry for the delayed response... a new house and an unstable internet conection have kept me busy and my posts sparse.

: (

Yes, that must be pretty upsetting at a "Christian" college. I went to Catholic grade school and high school, so you can imagine how terrible that was.  When someone says "Christian", most of the world thinks "oh, Catholic".... which is so upsetting and ironic because they are the exact opposite of Christian.

So I’m back at Penn State now, one in ~50,000 students/faculty/staff... but it’s fun here.  I try to avoid the crowds and hang out in caves (no, really) and stuff     : )   

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