The 4x40 character LCD screen up close.

This is a Seiko 40x4 (or 4x40) character LCD screen.  The model is M4024, and the full information stamped on it says "SII M4024 REV.J TW-22 94V-0" and it has "7JY" handwritten in black marker in a little box on it.  Anyway I got it from for about $35.  It has a nice backlight, as you can see in the photos.  It has two HD44780 controller chips on it, 16 pins (well, pinholes... I had to buy and solder the pins on myself... I bought a "26 (2 X 13) HEADER CONNECTOR", stock number 13266 PL at, for $0.90), and 2 pins on the other end for the backlight's anode and cathode.