Rolly and Margie's Wedding Reception.

A lovely reception at the Collegeville Inn.  These are Tasha's photos, taken with her Sony DSC-P8 camera.

Rolly's mom made the wedding cake.


Me rubbing my nose. It's not a pick.

Margie and a tiny slice of Rolly.

Rolly and Margie looking at the dance floor, though you can't quite see that here.

They didn't get ridiculous with the cake, thank goodness.

I look like a miniature person here...

...and like I'm plotting something evil here. (This is the sibling shot by the way.)

Heidi and Dan, randomly. I suppose this would be the siblings-in-law shot, but Margie is missing.

Adorable Cailin Faith!

Cailin, looking a little fiendish with the red eyes. And this was the least-evil looking one; there were some really really red red-eye shots of her.

No one is actually looking at the camera here, but Cailin is too cute here to leave this one out.