Downtown Pittsburgh

Some photos around downtown Pittsburgh, and some at the Chinese restaurant P.F. Chang's.  We walked around downtown right when the Eagles/Steelers game let out, and the Steelers had beaten the as-yet-undefeated Eagles... there were fans with Eagles jerseys walking around, and the Steelers fans were yelling all kinds of mean/obscene stuff at them.

Kim and I took these photos with her Olympus C60Z.

Modern art (I think).

&c. I think the eyeballs are seats on the other side.

The reflections in the buildings are awesome... that's a whole other building reflected in the skyscraper on the right.

What a skinny building.

That white-ish building doesn't seem to match the rest of the Pittsburgh skyline. It looks like it was transplanted from someplace like Miami.

Another cool reflection.

You can see pieces of Kim and me in some of the mirror-tiles if you look really hard. This was right after a traffic cop told us, "No building photos since 9/11."

This is that castle-y building and his friend next door.

The building in the center looked weird in person, but it didn't look totally fake like it does in this small version of the photo... weird.

I thought this would be a cool photo of the dishes, but in the photo, the reflections are the coolest part. I don't think they looked quite that crazy in person.

These cats was just jammin' on the street.

I don't know how we both managed to accidentally have completely ridiculous expressions like that.

Excuse me ma'am, do you have a license for that hair?

Not sure what that building is. Not a stadium?

Random cityscape.

Sometimes when I look at this, I think we're both about to laugh; other times it looks like we're about to cry. It's like an optical illusion.

P.F. Chang's. I love how the lights look like little white guys walking...

...and little snakes.