Short AT Hike in Palmerton, PA

Kim and I hiked with her dad and their dog Heidi on this stretch of the Appalacian Trail.  This is actually the same location where I started my 2002 AT Hike.  It was a fun hike, and much easier than the 2002 hike since a) it was only a few hours, not a few days, and b) I wasn't carrying 50 pounds of food/water/gear on my back.  These photos were taken with Kim's camera, and you can tell where she handed it off to me, since the photos are suddenly nothing but clouds :)

That's Heidi. Notice how she's not a deer.

I forgot my sunglasses at school, so I had to use these ones from "the junk drawer" at home. I was glad to have a pair, but they look ridiculous. They're so... Spencer For Hire or something.

She is incredibly photogenic.

Did I mention I look really cheesy in those glasses?