Colorado Trip, Day 2: Fish Creek Falls

This is a sweet waterfall near Steamboat Springs in Colorado.  To walk from the parking lot to overlooks of the falls takes about 5 minutes, and only about 5 more to hike to the little bridge at the bottom... but then you can hike up the other side, which goes much higher, something like half a vertical mile.  We spent over an hour hiking up, and didn't get to the top.

This is the first overlook you come to.

Kim photographing her parents and the dog.


A little movie clip of the waterfall from this upper lookout area.


This is a movie clip of the river at the bottom, near the little bridge. You can really see how fast the water is moving here.

View from the little bridge at the bottom.

Downriver view from the little bridge at the bottom.

Kim showing the river who's boss.

Going up the other side. It was a tough, steep hike.

One of the many snow-capped views to be had.

Left to right: Heidi, Kim.

Random mountain flowerage.

You can see that the river is pretty serious.

You're looking at a downhill there, and on the left where the white stops is a big waterfall underneath.

This rock outcropping sits about 15 feet above the downhill flow from the previous shot.

A sweet aspen grove. I was dead tired by this point, but Kim was trucking. It was still pretty uphill here.

The trail and the moon are on the right here.

A more close-up shot of the trail and the moon.

Mrs. Allen and Heidi looking triumphant at the top of our hike (which sadly didn't go to the top of the trail/river; we were really beat).

The confused Allen family shot; all going in different directions for some reason??

This view is from the top of a REALLY tall rock we climbed up, on the side of the trail on the way back down. You can see a little town in the far valley there, that's Steamboat Springs. The swath of bright green in the center is all the treetops of the aspen grove from before.

At the bottom on the way out, there was this faint rainbow on the waterfall.