Sky Photos on the Drive Home

I never get tired of dusk sky photos.  So I apologize if you do : )

I took these out the window of Kim's car as she drove us home.

There are also a few shots of the power windmills which are about an hour east of Pittsburgh on the turnpike.

I think this set contains some of the best photos I've taken in a while.  Special thanks to the Lord for creating such a beautiful universe.  Also thanks to those members of the scientific community who have put forth the ideas that the entire universe was created when nothing exploded, and that rocks turned into people over billions of years... thanks for the laugh, that is.

Inside the Allegheny Mountain tunnel.

I included these few shots of the windmills, even though they're fairly crappy shots, just because the windmills are so neat.

The only reason this photo made the cut for the website is because it's the 10,000th photo that I have taken with my Sony DSC-S85. That's about 2500 photos/year since the fall of 2001. Strangely, after photo dsc09999.jpg, the camera didn't go to dsc10000.jpg; instead it wrapped back around to dsc00001.jpg. So I manually renamed dsc00001 to dsc10000, and did the same thing for the following 6 shots taken today. But after today, I'll keep the camera's rolled-over filenames.

Anyway, I was holding the camera out the window above the car, pointing it across the roof hoping to catch the windmills. As you can see though, I got mostly roof.