Pittsburgh from Mount Washington

Photos of the city from Mount Washington.  Check out Kim's photos from this trip, too.

The PPG building.

A few of the photos came out way overly blue like this.
(Panning East to North to West, 1 of 5.)

(Panning East to North to West, 2 of 5.)

(Panning East to North to West, 3 of 5.)

(Panning East to North to West, 4 of 5.)

(Panning East to North to West, 5 of 5.)

I know this is the 10th shot of the same thing, but it kept getting darker so I wanted to capture the city in the different light.

That's PNC Park with the blue lights.

Random brick building on Mt. Washington. It was actually pretty dark out, but I took this shot with a longish exposure.

The Allegheny River at the top meets the Monongahela River on the bottom and they join the Ohio River on the left. That's Point State Park in the middle.

Point State Park. You can see the fountain in the middle of the circle of lights.

The previous few photos were taken from here, the Duquesne Incline. There's a platform with a nice view of the city, and then there's an old rail car that you can pay a dollar to ride down the (extremely steep) side of Mt. Washington, all the way down to Station Square on the Monongahela River.

I like to take pictures of these extremely violent WARNING signs whenever I see them.

This is a really neat old church up on Mount Washington, but it's hard to get a good shot of it because there are obnoxious street lights in front of it.