Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

[ Signal-to-noise ratio for set: 12.5% ]

Kim had a business meeting in Bountiful, Utah, so I went along for the trip and we went a couple days early.  These photos are from the first day.  They aren't my best photos but I like them for their documentary quality.

I forgot to adjust my camera's clock, so the timestamps in the EXIF data are off by +1 hour.  These were actually taken from ~9:15 to ~10:15 PM.

A fancy fountain.

This is a part of an aviation display that's out on the sidewalk. It seemed to be a fairly permanent structure; I'm not sure if Salt Lake has some kind of historical significance with respect to aviation.

This is the bottom of what looked like a giant beehive structure.

Stonework on the front of one of the Mormon buildings.

The Mormon Convention Center.

A weird antenna on top of the Mormon museum.

A cool dome on top of the Mormon museum. You can see the Mormon temple in reflection.

Random building.

The Mormon temple and a fountain.

A couple of guys checking out the fountain.

Looking down one of the streets in Salt Lake.

Joseph Smith?

A fountain with the Mormon temple in the background.

The Mormon temple.

Random waterway.

Another fountain.