The Great Salt Lake in Utah

We saw the Great Salt Lake only briefly, at the end of one day during our short trip to Utah.  We arrived at the gate to go out to Antelope Island at 6:30pm, and they close the gate at 7:30pm, meaning if you don't get out by then, you're sleeping over.  People do camp there, but we weren't prepared for that.

All of these photos are from/on Antelope Island, which is out in the middle of one part of the Great Salt Lake.

And most of the photos include the moon, because it was coming up and looking cool.

We're standing on the road going from the mainland out to Antelope Island; this is looking back at the mainland.

Antelope Island is very open and sparse. This is a random little place to stop and sit off the road that circles the island.

One of the coolest things about Antelope Island is the way the clouds are hovering right along the horizon.

The buffalo seem to be the main feature of the island.

I used my cheap economical 5x telephoto lens for these close-ups of the buffalo, so there's a lot of corner softness in the shots.

That's another island in the distance.

There's a restaurant at the end of the long windy road that goes around the island. It's a buffalo restaurant. Try their famous buffalo burger.

The lake is only at the very right side here; most of that stuff that looks like it might be water is the wet sand/dirt of the beach.

They have a few of these painted buffalo statues around the island. This one looks very happy.

The edge of the lake on the way off the island.