Redwood Trees at Muir Woods National Monument

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On the second day of our trip to California, we visited Muir Woods National Monument.  (I think the first day was Thanksgiving and all we did was eat.)

Muir Woods is a park within a redwood tree forest, but it's not the redwood forest with trees big enough to drive a car through -- that forest is a few hours farther inland, from what we heard.

I totally don't get what this "First Amendment Area" sign is trying to say.

Entering the park.

Travis and Megan in front of one of the larger trees.

The park is basically a wooden path that winds through the forest. In some places it branches off onto dirt trails.

Roosevelt blah blah blah UN blah blah apostle of peace blah blah...

It was really dark in this forest (what with the trees being 3 miles tall) so to get any photos to turn out decently bright, I had to use a long exposure, which means people need to be still, or else they turn into ghosts.

This one's a little better...

Just one ghost left now...

There we go, everyone's still.

Random scenery shot.

This sign was posted on the way into the forest.

"If you encounter a lion at close range:"

"Remain calm - do not run."

Don't be scared of the nice kitty.

"Pick up small children immediately."

Offer one as a sacrifice.

"Stand upright, maintain eye contact, back away slowly."

Or, lock yourself in an ankle trap. It worked for Kim Bauer.

"Be assertive - if approached, wave your arms, speak firmly or shout, and throw sticks or rocks."

Wave 'em like you just don't care.

"If attacked, fight back aggressively."

It's funny to think of how far removed we are from the times when it wasn't unusual for people to have to defend themselves from animals. I'm sure back then, no one had to be told to "fight back aggressively" if they were attacked by a mountain lion.