More photos of Cheshire.  The movies in this set are really funny.

On a technical note, the movies come out of my camera as 5 MB *.mpg files.  They have audio, but in these clips the only sound you could hear was the water running in the kitchen sink, and it was pretty obnoxious, so I removed the audio using TMPGEnc.  This app also created output files that were a full 60% smaller than the originals, so that tells you how well compression technology has done in the 6-7 years since my camera was made.

There was about a foot of snow outside, with drifts of about 2 feet on the deck.

He's in freak-out mode because he sees "that orange cat" in the reflection in the glass door.

He's all legs.


This is Cheshire attacking his ball.


This is Cheshire ... not attacking his ball?


This is Cheshire totally attacking his ball.