Cheshire and Chloe Pretending to be Friends

Looking through my cat photos from January, I'm shocked by what I see.  Cheshire and Chloe look like best friends!  It's as if the cats in the photos aren't the same cats that I live with every day.

They're not total enemies; they do sometimes fall asleep near each other, and they lounge around together sometimes.  But they do spend a large amount of time chasing each other around, with a good amount of growling and some hissing thrown in too.

Demonic Chloe comes with everything you see here!


This was the first time I'd ever seen them do this. Now once in a long while, Cheshire gives Chloe a bath.

What? Ah... we weren't... I was just... yes I'm awesome!

There we go: these are the cats I know and love.

I'm outta here.

What the heck did Cheshire just do to me??!?

What the heck did I just do to her??!?

Such a shame about the flash on this otherwise great shot of the two of them.

I always knew that it would be a good thing to clean the huge piles of mail and paper off my desk. But at the same time, I wondered what the point would be of having an empty desk. Now I know.

It's Chloe the Owl, and Cheshire the Ferocious Lion!