Cheshire and Chloe from February and March of this year.  I took about 400 photos and whittled it down to about 40 here.

Chloe being all lady-like.

Mesmerized by the plasma ball.

Cube neighbors. They're not actually looking at each other; they're glaring at me out of the corners of their eyes, waiting for me to let them get back to sleep.

The only way this can happen is for Chloe to jump up onto the chair when Cheshire's already asleep and too tired to rip her face off.

Ghost-face Chloe

Chloe! Don't look into his eyes!!

Cheshire dreaming his Air Pegasus dreams.

Pretending to be gargoyles.

Playing Phase 10.

Obviously up to no good.

Waiting for me to make a fire.

OK, enough with the camera...


Chloe doing her butt-slide.