Trillium Gap Trail Hike to Grotto Falls in Tennessee

On our first day in Tennessee, after checking out Gatlinburg a bit and getting some groceries, we drove the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail and got off at the Grotto Falls trailhead (it's actually Trillium Gap Trail that you take to the falls).  This was a short hike of about 2.5 miles round trip, with about 500 feet of vertical gain, and the trail was a nice, natural, remote one, as opposed to several of the other waterfalls in the area which have wide paved trails.

Grotto Falls itself is pretty awesome to see, though it's not super tall (25 feet or so) and the pool beneath it is too shallow to swim in.

The trailhead with its ample warnings about black bears.

Random shot along the trail. There were lots of really tall and straight trees.

Grotto Falls in the distance.

Grotto falls in the background, and a smaller waterfall in front.

Grotto Falls in the background, and even more of a smaller fall in the front.


Video panning from downstream to upstream ending on Grotto Falls.

Grotto Falls, with a Kim for reference.


A video of Grotto Falls from the side.

Side view of Grotto Falls showing the small pool below it. Unlike some of the falls in the area, this pool wasn't swimmable, being only a couple feet deep.


Video of me walking behind Grotto Falls. Not the best cinematography in the world, but it's neat to see.

The setting sun on the hike back down from the falls.

Another sunset shot on the Grotto Falls trail.