Kayaking the Lehigh River from Glen Onoko to Jim Thorpe

This section of the Lehigh is really nice and fun.  The rapids are all relatively easy -- class I and class II -- and there are calm stretches in between, plus a nice waterfall and a great rope swing over a deep spot in the river.

At the launch site. Glen Onoko has a nice separate area for private boat unloading and put-in, away from the public beach area which gets massively crowded on nice days.

The launch spot is right across from the hole-in-the-wall tunnel, where a railroad used to pass through.


Approaching a small waterfall.

Hanging out at the waterfall.

My trusty steed beside the waterfall.

Still my trusty steed beside the waterfall.


Here's me on the rope swing. The camera is strapped to my chest (under a buckle on my life vest), so I'm not actually drowning towards the end when it seems like I'm underwater for a long time.


Going through the final rapids before the take-out at Jim Thorpe. It's hard to tell in the video, but I *almost* tipped on the first big rapid here; I was leaning way over to the left for a second, but managed to recover it.

GPS map of our route.