Mauch Chunk Lake and Fireline Trail

The lake just above the dam.

The lake and the dam.

Panoramic shot of the dam and lake.

The south shore trail got really overgrown about halfway into it, so we couldn't make it to the west end, where we'd planned to take another trail south to the Fireline Trail, which is at the top of the ridge just south of the lake. Instead, we just cut south directly where we were, and bushwhacked through the woods. But as you can see from this photo, there wasn't much bush to whack, because the woods are pretty open here. Other than being a fairly steep climb of about 400 vertical feet in 4/10ths of a mile, it was an easy hike from the lake up to the Fireline Trail.

Fireline Trail, at the top of the ridge to the south/east of the lake.

Panoramic shot of me on the dam. It was barely even May, but I was hot after our 4+ mile hike, so I jumped into the freezing water, and it felt great.