Mobile MP3 Musicbox Launch

Nine months after starting this project, with quite a few months of just letting it gather dust, it's reached completion.  Or at least, enough completion for it to be installed in my car.  And it rocks.

Includes photos of the LCD connections.

Anode and cathode connections for the backlight.

The LCD is just about half an inch thick.

A nice mess of wires, solder and heat-shrink.

I soldered a 16-pin header onto the board... I could easily connect/disconnect it, using this connector from a PC gameport.

I'm using this power inverter to run the PC in my car.

It works very well, even though it's highly inefficient to convert DC to AC to DC.

Optional backlight intensity adjustment module sold separately.

Retro, no? It's a 25-ohm potentiometer with an old-school knob.

Backlight at "full tilt."

Backlight turned all the way down (it's not really that dark, the lighting was just really bad on this photo).

I cut out 1/4 of each corner, because that made the LCD fit perfectly (virtually locking into place) in my car's 2nd DIN bay.


and wires

and knobs.

This is the removable drive tray that the hard drive lives in.

It's a standard IDE drive; that connector is just for ease of docking into the drive bay.

He's a little notebook hard drive. Well, not little... 40 gigabytes.

I needed this $2 or $3 adapter to connect the notebook drive to a normal (desktop) IDE cable.

Oh, that's my hi-tech rubber band suspension system.

This tiny Gyration keyboard is perfect for the car.




Mmmm wireless radio equipment :) makes my life easy.

It's a USB keyboard... dems make Linux use an extra 3 or 4 seconds at boot time :(

I ran an extra set of RCAs up to the head unit, because I want to run the musicbox through it so I can use its volume and bass/treble controls.

That's the round CD changer plug that I'm going to use as an aux input to the head unit.

I need to find something to make into a rectangular surround piece.

MP3 count.

With the backlight turned up.

The inconspicuously positioned backlight adjustment knob.

Some ls output... did I mention I put a shell prompt into my musicbox script?

My hatch is WAY too crowded.

I need to acquire or build a smaller case for this PC.

Not much plugged in here... power, LCD power/data cable, audio signal (yes, it's an Audigy :), and USB radio keyboard.

What a mess.

Kicker ZR120 powering Infinity Kappa separates up front (the head unit isn't driving anything)...

Rockford Fosgate Punch 250 a^2 powering the subwoofer...

Ahh, the Kicker Solobaric 12-inch.  This thing is a beast.  You can throw rocks at it, it's so tough.  I've had it for almost 5 years now.

Heading up front: 2 pairs of signal cables, 2 pairs of speaker cables, and a 25-conductor PC data cable :)

The keyboard fits nicely between the seats, but it goes wherever it wants to, being untethered and all...

Some night shots.

Volkswagens are the best.