Going into J4 cave. Please send help if I don’t reply to this within 12 hours.

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01. Mar 10, 2003 at 7:59am by Anthony:

Home safe. Report to follow... need food and rest now : )

02. Mar 13, 2003 at 10:23am by Anthony:

So this was a really cool trip into J4. I saw lots of cave that I hadn’t seen before, including the "big formation" which I’d only seen from the back before.  I saw the front of it this time, and John Paul and I managed to get down to the ground in front of it and then climb up behind it, something that Nate previously tricked me into believing was difficult/impossible.

We got to the formation climb, and after being in for about 3 hours, neither of us were willing/able to tackle it.  It’s like 2 stories tall and soaking wet and you gotta climb/slide down it somehow, but all the climbing faces are nearly vertical with few holds, and the last time I went down it, I couldn’t get back up without rope.  So... at this point we turned around.

Anyway it’s hard to describe just how cool it is inside a real cave.  So instead of sitting there reading my little commentary on it, why don’t you just come visit me and check it out?

Oh, one particularly cool thing about this trip was that we went in around 3:45am while it was still well-dark outside, but came out at 7:15am, into the light of day.  That was neat.

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