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Your site inspired me to do the same for my entertainment system. I was curious, can you disable the chip on board, and insert another AGP card into the machine?  I want to do this because NVIDIA supports TVout within linux, and I really need this feature.  I don’t know if the S3 can do this, i mean i can not seem to find linux info about this.  What is your opinion abou this issue.  Thanx!


P.S.  What did you use to interface with your mp3 music box in your car?

Posted by Adam on 2 replies


01. Feb 16, 2003 at 8:21pm by Anthony:

Hi Adam,

The SV25 doesn’t have an AGP slot, so you cannot add an AGP video card. But it does have a PCI slot, and the onboard video is defeatable, so you CAN add a PCI video card.

For the car interface.... are you asking how I get the audio from the PC into the car stereo?  If so, the answer is a device called Link It, or also known as the "iRock", made by Kima Wireless, which I bought for $25 from  It’s an FM transmitter that you set to a certain unused FM frequency, and then tune your car radio to that frequency.  It’s got a 1/8-inch plug on it that I plug into the soundcard’s output jack.

02. Feb 16, 2003 at 9:08pm by Anthony:

By the way, I’m not using the Shuttle SV25 as my musicbox -- those are 2 different systems. Just wanted to clarify that in case you were under the impression that they were the same system.

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