I’m about sick of hearing that there’s "escalating violence in the middle east."  If someone kills lots of American civilians it’s called terrorism, but if someone kills lots of Isreali civilians it’s called "escalating violence."

Fortunately, someone in the current American administration has some balls.  As much as I like president Bush, he’s being way too politically correct and not nearly honest enough when he speaks about this situation.  Colin Powell, on the other hand, said today that we all want peace, and when the terror attacks stop, responses to such attacks will no longer be necessary.

The difference between what he said, and what nearly everyone else is saying, is that he isn’t pretending there is a moral equivalence between the two sides.  Arab terrorists attacking Israeli civilians is in no way "the same" as the Israeli government hunting and killing the members and leaders of Arab terrorist groups.  Fighting terrorism isn’t the same as committing terrorism, and anyone who pretends otherwise is a liar.

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01. Jun 13, 2003 at 9:32pm by Kelsey:

I know!  It’s so unfair.  It’s obvious Hamas, and dare I say, Palestinians, need to be wiped out.  None of them really want peace.  And Israel should not be condemned for protecting itself!  Yeah, I dont know what Bush is trying to do...he needs to take a stand.  I thought US was go to war against ALL terrorism.  And if that means Palestinians...that’s the price we should be willing to pay.

02. Jun 14, 2003 at 12:15pm by Anthony:

I don’t think all Palestinians need to be wiped out, but Palestinian terrorists do, and that’s exactly what Israel is doing.

03. Jun 14, 2003 at 3:18pm by Kelsey:

It sounds extreme but....

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