Bad Email...

I received an email today from a person who typed "" as his/her return address.  But when I replied, it bounced, saying that there was no such account on Yahoo.  So, since I have no other way of contacting this person, I figured I’d post a reply here.

Original message:

I’m thinking of buying the exact same power inverter via Ebay for pretty much the same purpose and I want to ask ya if it was working out good for ya still?


My reply, that didn’t go through:

Hi there,

Yeah, my inverter is working great, still.  I’ve been using it for 3 months now, and haven’t had any problems.  In fact, just last weekend I was using both outlets on it, one for my carPC and the other to charge my digital camera.  Not that charging the camera necessarily draws a lot of current, but it was nice that it worked without any problems.

Hope this helps,

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