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A Slow Descent

On the Factor the other night, O’Reilly said something interesting: he said that most Americans don’t care about the California recall election, and those that do only care because Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the race.  He said that most of us believe that they’re a bunch of crazies out there, and they’re just getting what they deserve.

Now, I know that *I* was thinking that, but I was sorta surprised to hear him say it.  He’s right though.  When you let the American Communist Lawyers Union (that’s ACLU to most people) run your state, well, you bring it on yourself.

Then on the news, I heard that "thousands of telemarketers stand to be laid off" because of the national do-not-call list.  Good.  I am GLAD these people could lose their "jobs."  What a freaking joke.  Maybe now they’ll learn to make an honest living by doing something useful for the world.  Calling people and harassing them is not a valid way to make a living.  Ugh.  Scum.  I feel sick just thinking about how base that is.

In better news, I bought "Who’s Looking Out For You?" today at Wegmans.  Should be an interesting book.  I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two from it, and at the very least, I’m sure it’ll be really funny, because that’s just how O’Reilly is.

And and, I did something highly unusual last weekend.  I watched a show.  On TV.  Intentionally.  Now, the only thing I’ve watched on TV during the past 5 or 6 years is The O’Reilly Factor.  But on Sunday, my mom called me to say that O’Reilly was being interviewed on another show, so I watched that... and after that show, a drama called American Dreams was on.  And it was really good.  Probably because it’s set a few decades in the past (1960s, I think?), and it’s not full of slapstick and/or sex-based "comedy" like every modern TV show.  Oh, and it’s set in Philadelphia -- hometown (-ish) represent.  So, I think I’ll be watching this show every Sunday night.

Finally, I put a new song of the...... moment online.  It’s "A Slow Descent" by Straylight Run.  This song has definitely been my new favorite song of the moment for the past few weeks.  So go listen.

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Okay, what is going on here!  All of a sudden, I start getting more pop-ups then I can count!  I swear, it’s about five pop-ups per 30 seconds.  I just got one while writing that last sentence!  If I turn my back without disabling my internet, I look back only to have about 30 windows up.  It’s not just that though.  They like to taunt me, too.  The pop-ups I get the most of are the one’s that say, "Stop Pop-ups Now!"  Come on!  Free me from this insanity!

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anthony is in
anthony is the greatest
anthony is he popenjoy?
anthony is a linux user
anthony is ’libre’ for marc anthony
anthony is a hero he gave the gift of life
anthony is genomineerd voor sporttalent van het jaar 2002 door de zeeuwse sportraad
anthony is being sued
anthony is recovering
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anthony is back for a visit
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anthony is approximately 5
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anthony is widely known for his achievements within the voluntary sector
anthony is right
anthony is ritchie valens
anthony is here
anthony is still anthony
anthony is equally effective on the perimeter or slashing to the basket
anthony is an offensive force though i prefer to focus
anthony is only a click away
anthony is uncool by woody paige
anthony is truly the best amateur player in the world
anthony is now in general population
anthony is

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