Not much to say here.  I haven’t seen my cat in over 48 hours so I’m pretty upset.  After calling for him yesterday and today, and biking around looking for him, I handed out flyers to a little over half of my ~80 neighbors today (the ones who answered their doors).  One lady said she saw a black cat laying in the road (just laying there, not hit) on a small side-road near my house yesterday.  I biked there tonight before the rain got too hard, but didn’t find him anywhere.  And one guy said he saw a black cat being really friendly with some kids at a bus stop right outside my development.  Tomorrow morning around 8 I’m going to go there and hope to find that it’s CJ, or at least talk to the kids and parents if the cat isn’t there tomorrow.

Konstantin keeps laughing at me because I’m upset about this.  He says he doesn’t get attached to animals, because the 3 cats they ever had all got hit by cars before they got to be a year old.  Well, no wonder then, of course he can’t sympathize, much less empathize.  We’ve had CJ for a long time, something like 6 or 7 or 8 years now, I think.  You get pretty attached in that amount of time.  And he isn’t "just a cat."  He’s my cat.  And personal feelings aside, almost everyone who’s ever met CJ is amazed by how friendly he is.  He really is the most friendly and lovable cat ever.  We’ve had quite a few other cats, most of which I liked a lot, but as great as they all were, none were anywhere near as amicable as CJ is.

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01. Nov 7, 2003 at 09:13am by Anthony:

Well the cat at the bus stop was a long-haired cat.  And over on that side-road, a guy who lives there said he often sees a black cat around there, but hasn’t seen him in a while.

02. Nov 7, 2003 at 01:45pm by Tasha:

Anthony, he is probaby just exploring.  Our orange cat, Nicky, used to go away for 3 to 4 days at a time...  AS long as they find food, they’re good for a while.  I would just keep up with the flyers in case someone took him in thinking he was a stray.  Did he have a collar on?  If not, when he comes back I would put one on him with your info, just in case.  Keep us posted on any info.  XOXO

03. Nov 7, 2003 at 03:34pm by Anthony:

No, he didn’t have a collar on.  I bought one and put it on him, but he kicked it off the second day he was here.  But he is neutered and de-clawed in the front, so hopefully that will lead people to realize that he isn’t a stray.

I’m just worried that he doesn’t yet have a sense that this is "home," since he was only here for 48 hours before he disappeared.  And now he’s been gone for almost 72 hours, so that’s longer than he was even in the house here.

Isn’t there some pet organization that I can call, that has dogs trained to find things by scent?  Like those FBI dogs, only not from the FBI?

04. Nov 7, 2003 at 06:33pm by Tasha:

No cat FBI that I know of, but I would call your local animal shelter or SPCA in case someone brought him in. Anyway, Timmons lived at my dad’s, mom’s, Dan’s parents, out apartment, and our house.  He’s always been an outside cat and he’s always found his way home. So just keep hoping, maybe he will show up yet...

05. Nov 9, 2003 at 01:53am by andy:

leave some food outside often, not a huge amount in case of strays but if you leave it out often enough cats will be attracted to it (hopefully yours)

06. Nov 9, 2003 at 08:34am by *amanda*:

How far away is his old home?  Is it possible that he could have started hiking home?
I’m sorry about your cat trouble, you must be worried about him.  A bold, friendly cat is a great pet - so great, in fact, that someone might keep him even though he clearly has had an owner.  If you find him, you’d better sit him down and explain to him that he must wear the collar even if he hates it.

07. Nov 9, 2003 at 11:31am by Anthony:

I’ve had half a can of wet cat food (the good stuff) out there since the first day he didn’t come home, and I’ve been replacing that every 2 days.  None of it has been eaten, though.  I’ve also been calling him every day from my back porch ("SEEEEEE-JAAAAAAY") really loud, like my mom does at home, because he actually responds to that.

Home-home is 170 miles away if he takes all the right roads.  My dad said that when he was a kid, they took a cat to their uncle’s farm that was about 15 miles away, and it came home from there.  He also said there have been stories of cats going across the country to their old homes.

I posted flyers at two pet stores that are close to here, and yesterday I went to an SPCA location that was about 25 miles away.  There, I found out that there’s a closer one, only about 15 miles away, so I’m going there today.

I guess at this point he’s either on his way home-home, living in someone else’s house, or dead.  I suppose that he could be just out wandering around, but it’s been freezing cold outside, and he has to eat.  I don’t know how long he would survive on birds and mice, especially since he’s declawed in the front.  Or someone could be putting food out for him.  I’ve been walking and riding my bike and driving around here a couple times a day, but haven’t seen him anywhere.  But he could literally be anywhere, so I don’t know how useful it is to keep looking.

The worst part of all this is that I just have no idea where he is or how he’s doing.  If he’s running home, and somehow is going in the right direction, well then that’s a good thing.  But what if he’s just running, running, running, having no idea where to go, forever running in the freezing cold looking for home?  That makes me so sad.  If someone else took him in, that would be better, but still sad, and still I’d never know.  Aside from passing out more flyers to a somewhat larger radius of homes, I don’t know what else I can do besides pray.

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