Possum Drop

As usual, Garrett gets the prize for strangest link of the day/week/month/etc.  Apparently some people in North Carolina have a possum drop like NYC has a ball drop for the new year.  Quite bizarre, needless to say.

They don’t hurt the possum; it’s "dropped" like the ball in NYC, which is to say, it’s gently lowered.  Still, the animal-rights morons need to cry about it:

"I’m sure the animal is traumatized," Ms. Overman said.  "You walk up on a possum in the woods, they freeze; they’re terrified.  They’re putting it through horror for hours.  Instant death would be better."

Nevermind that their freezing is actually a survival mechanism that is well-studied and understood, and has nothing whatever to do with being "terrified;" when you’re an animal rights moron, you aren’t concerned with things like science and facts.  Instead, you lie through your teeth, or speak out of pure pathetic ignorance of basic biological facts.

Sadly, the wackos succeeded in getting the Possum Drop shut down.

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