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The TV Guide website’s listings are really funny, because if you click on the name of a listing (like a movie), it tells you what it’s about, but it also mixes in an entirely subjective rating of the movie.  Like right now, Two Weeks’ Notice is on HBO, and it says:

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant star in this predictable 2002 romantic comedy... When she goes to work for him, they clash professionally even though their personal attraction is undeniable. Or so the film’s publicity claims. Grant’s stammering and Bullock’s goofy mannerisms provide some light moments, but no one profits from their on-screen merger---they have no chemistry.

I guess what’s funny is that they seem to be derogatory more often than not.  You try to see what a movie is about, and you get some person telling you it’s crap.  I love it.

I also love party mix.  The thing is, it’s not all that fantastic to eat a bag of pretzels.  Or cheetos.  Or corn chips.  But when you’ve got a bag of them all together, it’s well-nigh unstoppable.  I only realized this last summer, when I started eating them from the vending machines at Unisys.  Now I actually buy full-size bags of party mix at the grocery store.  What’s also great is that it can be a totally generic brand and it doesn’t even matter.  Mmm good.

Something else that was super was that American Dreams was on last night, for the first time in about 6 weeks.  People were telling me that it had gotten cancelled and all this, but BAM, it’s ON, and it’s on again next Sunday night.  Woot!

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01. Jan 6, 2004 at 01:24am by Anthony:

So I watched it anyway because I’m sappy, and it was really good, I think.  Hugh Grant is hilarious, for one thing, and Norah Jones was in the movie, as Norah Jones, playing a piano and singing a song.  Not bad.

02. Jan 6, 2004 at 04:59pm by Rolly:

Party mix rocks for sure.  I don’t mess around with the bags, I go straight for the party in a barrel, 48 oz style.  Awh crap, I was gonna paste a pic of the barrel in here, but I couldn’t figure out how to.  I know you’ll tell me A.  Anyways, I have to disagree about the brand.  It’s gotta be Utz for me, preferably bold and spicy.

03. Jan 6, 2004 at 09:53pm by Anthony:

Party in a barrel!  Ha!  I’ve seen those huge things at the store.  Well about the brands, I just got a bag of Weis brand 99-cent mix and it was pretty kickin’.  Never had the bold and spicy kind, though.

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