Not again... again

Steve: you watch that game?
Me: freaking yes
Steve: doesn’t that make you mad
Me: what a load of crap
Steve: ahaha
Me: the worst part is, it’s incredibly likely that they’d’ve won if McNabb hadn’t gotten hurt
Steve: yea
Steve: how about that late hit on him with no call
Steve: you saw that right?
Me: I know... it almost makes you wonder whether that was entirely intentional by the Patriots
Steve: what a lousy game
Me: I’m gonna go kill myself, I’ll talk to you later
Steve: hahahaha
Steve: roger
Me: seriously, if you’re on the ..... Panthers, not Patriots, what am I talking about.... if you’re on the Panthers, you know you won because McNabb was out of the game for the second half
Steve: yea, and they probably don’t even care
Me: what a bunch of pansies
Steve: the eagles not being able to catch a pass or tackle someone didn’t help much either
Me: yeah, four turnovers couldn’t have helped
Steve: horrible
Steve: it might not be so bad if the same thing didn’t happen every year
Me: but come on, McNabb always makes everything OK during the fourth (and fifth/sixth) quarters
Me: yeah, that freaking too
Me: argh
Steve: yea, he does too
Me: and of course the stupid commentators won’t even mention McNabb
Steve: you know, maybe it’s just me, I’m not sure... but it seems to me like commentators are always biased against the eagles
Steve: and they keep it real subtle so they don’t get in trouble
Steve: but when the opposing team does something nice, they go on and on about how strong the team is
Steve: and how they deserve this and that
Me: yeah, they do always try to make the incoming team sound so tough, too
Steve: but the eagles always have weak points, and bad ideas, and crap
Steve: yea they do
Steve: it freaking bugs me
Steve: then again, troy aikman was a commentator
Steve: that’s no surprise
Me: yeah, so, can’t expect too much support for the Eagles from him
Steve: he’s probably having a party right now
Me: he’s probably at the party with the Panthers
Me: traitor
Steve: ahahaha
Me: and now I have nothing to look forward to in 2 weeks... I don’t really care about the superbowl when I have no emotional attachment to either team
Steve: me neither
Steve: not one bit

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