What ever happened to Blink?  Has anyone heard the new music?  It seems as tho ever since they got Travis as the drummer they have succeeded to outdo themselves at sucking album after album.  What happened to the good music?  What happened to Apple Shampoo?

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01. Feb 29, 2004 at 12:49pm by Anthony:

I didn’t really like the one after Dude Ranch, and didn’t bother with anything after that, as the stuff I randomly heard on the radio or TV or whatever was crap.  I doubt anything else they do will ever approach the majesty of Apple Shampoo, either.

02. Feb 29, 2004 at 01:56pm by Mike:

I think they started taking themselves too seriously.  I was never more than a casual fan so I’m probably not the best qualified to comment.  I’m really only familiar with Enema and Take off your Pants, both of which I like.  I’ve only heard one or two songs from their last album and it sounds very Boxcar Racer to me.  I personally never thought Blink was a great band but at least they were fun and catchy.  Now they’re not even that.

03. Feb 29, 2004 at 05:43pm by Anthony:

> Enema and Take off your Pants

...which reminds me, another reason I can’t stand them now is that they remind me of 94.27% of the people I went to high school (and come to think of it, college) with: they think they’re really cool and/or funny for talking about sex incessantly.  It wasn’t funny in high school and it’s not funny now... it’s dumb and immature and annoying.

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