Internet freeness

Does anyone remember a time when things were free on the internet?  Everywhere I go I can’t find anything free.  If it is free it doesn’t last long.  Man Spinner used to be free radio and it was good.  Then Netscape took over.  Now I can play it for 10 minutes a day and then it tells me to sign up to this evil service.  I’m sure we all know this one.  Next thing you know, the evil ones will take away their messenger service or make a real simple version we can use for 5 minutes a month as a tease and then say we can upgrade to one that we can use for 15 minutes a week for $50 a month or GO PLATINUM for $150 a month and be able to use it for unlimited time PLUS you get a free set of SUPER STUPID SMILEYS from but you have to sign up for a 3 month "trial" membership with them for just $5 but you must stay with the company for 3 years or you will be billed $10 a month for every month you had the service.

Um......where was I.  Oh I’m bitter because the internet isn’t free anymore.  Anthony, where are the ads man?


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01. May 1, 2004 at 10:22pm by Anthony:

The ads are there, they’re just invisible, I’m getting rich off all you suckers and you don’t even know you’re buying this stuff muahahahaah

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