Hey Anthony, just wondering if you ever finished the 24 DVDs you got a few weeks back and what you thought of them now that you’ve watched the complete first two seasons of the greatest show on TV.  Don’t know if you heard, but season four won’t be starting until January and they’re moving it to Monday nights.  Thankfully, it’ll fill the void that Monday Night Football will leave at that point.  It’s a long time to wait, but apparently they want to air the entire season uninterrupted so it’ll be worth it.  In retrospect, I probably could have just IMed you to ask you this, but that would be too easy.  Peace out.

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01. Jun 23, 2004 at 01:17am by Anthony:

Best. Show. Ever.

That’s really all there is to say about 24.  It most likely also wins the title of Best. Movie. Ever., since it’s a lot more like a movie than a show.  After watching the first two seasons and 3/4 of the third season all in a row in the space of a week, it was really painful to have to actually watch only one episode per week for the last 6 hours of season 3.

I did hear about the move to Monday, which didn’t affect me one way or the other, but the whole not-till-2005 deal is pretty sucky.  Then again, suspense can be a good thing.  But since I watched so much 24 in such a short time, and now it’s over, I have a strange feeling about it, like it’s a long lost family or world that I’m now detached from.

Did you watch the last episode in Europe, or did you wait till you got back home?  Do they even air it in Europe?  Of course, you might have downloaded the episode online, in which case you could watch it wherever.

How was Europe by the way?  My sister is actually leaving tomorrow... no, today... Wednesday... for 3 weeks there.

02. Jun 23, 2004 at 07:29pm by Mike:

I guess one of the perks of watching 24 before it came out on DVD is that I’m used to being in agony for seven days between episodes.  Another friend of mine borrowed my season one & two DVDs and he has to wait until he acquires a couple episodes to watch them because he can’t take the waiting.

I totally know what you’re saying about the long lost family thing.  I was actually a little sad when I watched the last episode this season (although season two was much worse.  The whole Palmer cliffhanger thing was a killer).  Although it does make it harder this year because they really are cleaning house I hear and Jack is going to be the only regular returning on a weekly basis next year.  (Kim will be a recurring character, so hopefully that will diminish the chances of her having more run-ins with cougars).

Unfortunately, the last episode this season aired the day after we left for Europe and while they do play it over there (and I hear it’s huge over in China), it’s like six months behind in England so I had to make my mom record it and then Shawn and I watched it as soon as we got home.  However, it was actually kinda funny because we saw the first episode of season two in France.  Seeing Jack Bauer speak in that language is wrong, but at least I know how to say "hacksaw" in French now.  Heh heh.

Europe was great.  We saw a lot of stuff and we took over 3,400 pictures combined (which I hope to get up on my site sometime next week).  Is your sister going for business purposes or for a vacation?  Where in Europe is she going?

03. Jun 23, 2004 at 09:23pm by Anthony:

> although season two was much worse.  The whole Palmer
> cliffhanger thing was a killer

And it seemed to me that they didn’t really address that much in season 3; it sort of just picked up "3 years later" and didn’t explain it.  (Though the girl who did it showed up again.)

Man, that stinks that Jack’s gonna be the only regular.  I love Kim, so I’m glad she’s not totally out, but Almeida is also awesome (and I’m still kinda pissed about what happened to him), and Chase, and Palmer... man.  But I’m SO glad that Sherry is gone.  She was the embodiment of pure evil manipulative feminazi power-tripping death.  I literally cringe when I see her photo on the DVDs here.

Well my sister is going to Europe with her stepmom, who sings in some big choir (Phila?) which is going over there.  I know she’s going to Ireland and the UK, but I’m not positive that she’ll actually visit the continent (though I can’t imagine she wouldn’t).  She actually just bought a sweet little Vaio notebook last week to dump her photos onto, and I set her up with a website on her home PC and a secure connection to transfer the photos every day.  Assuming the hotel doesn’t do anything dumb, like have a really slow uplink or prevent SSH connections, I’m going to post the link here once she gets some photos online.

04. Jun 24, 2004 at 08:11am by Rolly:

24 is the best show ever!  I didn’t know you were into it.  I like Tony too, I think he might have some limited appearances next season.  I was thinking at the end of the last episode, Jack should have asked Palmer to pardon him.  I guess this would have happened if the writers wanted him to remain as a main character next season.

05. Jun 24, 2004 at 01:44pm by Mike:

I was actually really disappointed that they didn’t do more with the Palmer assassination attempt in season three.  I thought it would be a good way to actually tie some things together (and maybe actually make Palmer’s girlfriend a part of the story/conspiracy).  I’m kind of hoping that they work in the three years between season 2 & 3 in either the video game or the movie (whenever those are actually coming out).

I really like Tony a lot too, but let’s face it, Michelle is the man in the relationship.  I’m gonna miss them both next year.  As for Sherry, I literally screamed out, "YES!" when that guy punched her in the face, but her death was a bit bittersweet.  It had to happen but I’m gonna miss hating her (same goes for Nina).

That’s cool about your sister.  My favorite country was Ireland so even if she doesn’t get to the continent I’m sure she’ll have a great time.  For my pictures I got an Archos Gmini which is actually primarily an MP3 player, but I got the adapter for my pictures and it worked out really well.

06. Jun 28, 2004 at 12:27am by Anthony:

Actually, I wasn’t into 24 at all until about 3/4 of the way into season 3.  I didn’t know about it at all, until Mike started raving about it in his IM profile, saying things like "If it were anatomically possible, I would carry Jack Bauer’s child."  Of course I thought he was crazy... until I saw the show :)

And I’m definitely NOT going to miss hating Sherry.  I hated Nina in an antagonist/villian kind of way, but I hated Sherry with the kind of intensity reserved for the direct spawn of Lucifer himself.  She was just so purely evil and two-faced and shady and self-serving, while pretending to want to be so helpful and sweet.  It made me sick.

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