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I came across Andromeda tonight.  This is just a PHP script that displays your music collection as a webpage, allowing you to click on songs to stream them from your webserver using the M3U format.

I wrote a Perl script to do that; I’ve been streaming my music library from my server to work/home for the past 2 years or so.  It’s essentially the exact same thing as Andromeda: MP3 streamer + login system (though logins are currently not enforced for the sake of this post, so that ya’ll can check it out... it might be slow though, since my net connection is slow).  I obviously didn’t bother to make mine look pretty, as he did, but other than that and a trivial search-box, they are the same.

The same, except that he is selling his for $500 to the Air Force, the Salvation Army, various universities, etc.

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01. Nov 19, 2004 at 09:50am by The Mom:

Haven’t I been bugging you to market your skills?  Maybe now you will take yourself seriously and realize what you have to offer is something many people are in the market to buy.  Of course, I’m just ’the mom’ who has great faith and confidence in all her kids and their abilities :)


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