Liberal Silliness

I love Bob Whitaker. I love him because he speaks the truth about issues, with absolutely zero regard for what’s politically correct.

"...From then until 1980 Republicans stuck to the middle of the road strategy, half liberal silliness and half a rejection of liberal silliness.  If you say "middle of the road" it sounds really Shrewd.  If you say it as I just said it, "half liberal silliness and half a rejection of liberal silliness," you get a realistic view of what moderation really is.  This so-called "moderation" doesn’t work in real world politics.  If you look at the real congress and the real legislature where people are really elected, they tend to be on the right or on the left.  Those who preach moderation never look at the real world.  They just kept mumbling "middle of the road"... Liberalism does not work.  Moderation does not work because it takes liberalism seriously.  To be a moron is forgivable.  To deliberately be half a moron is true insanity.  To be a Moderate is to be a half moron on purpose."

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