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Hey Anthony, Your images look great! I like to come back and look through them once and a while and I can deffinately see how your improving.  You’re doing a great job.  I was looking through the most recent ones of whe snow, and I picked the ’Lamppost with Sparkles’ as my favorite, before even noticing that is was one of your favorites...  Good eye.  Don’t let that Iris flare turn you off, It looks great there and it’s great how some of it falls out of focus.  Were taught that people that care about their photos, arent afraid to take risks, and let things out of focus.  Keep up the good work, and keep the images coming.  Happy New Year to all!!

Steve Kancianic
Photography Student
Antonelli Institute

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01. Jan 2, 2003 at 1:53am by Anthony:

Thanks Steve! I like when my judgment coincides with yours, because you’re an old hand at this photography stuff    : )

"Lamppost with Sparkles" stood out to me because the water on my lens created such a pretty effect... but also because most of that set was so gray.  I mean, I like them; I look at them and I think some are pretty good... but then after looking through all of them, they seem so drab.  So the lamppost photo has some extra character that makes it stand out to my eye.

Thanks for the critique, I really appreciate it!

And don’t worry about the double-posting... that happens to lots of people.  It’s from pressing the back button after posting.  I gotta think of some creative way to prevent that.  But anyway don’t sweat it.

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