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First off, I would like to say that I am very happy thanks to the fact that the default color is now orange, or as you have it here, the color me (Joe). Second, I need some help searching.  I am currently working on getting a show on the local access channel, half Christain music videos, half whatever we want, for the fact that there is simply on place to hear good christain music in my town unless you love to listen to Michael W. Smith all day.  I, personally, abhor the sound of M.W.S. Not my style in the lest bit.  I am currently looking for a site to sell me V.H.S or DVDs of bands.  My style is bands like No Innocent Victim, Chellve, MXPX, P.O.D, Kutless, TwoThirtyEight, Relient K, 38th Parallel, etc.  Basiclly, things you would find in HM magazine.  My partners style is more Hip-hop.  He likes groups like KJ-52, T-Bone, Gospel Gangstas, and Master P (I forget what his new name is), who I praise God for bringing him to Christ and now delivering a very powerful message on his new C.D.  If you can give me some info on getting my hands on some videos, or can sell me some yourself, please do.  God Bless

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01. Mar 4, 2003 at 4:55am by Anthony:

That’s awesome that you’re working on a Christian spot on the local channel!! I wish I could help you with videos but I actually don’t have any, nor do I know anywhere you could get some.  Wouldn’t you have to get permission from the band/producer/creator of the videos to show them on your show?

Has Master P really become a Christian?  I didn’t hear anything about that, and I can’t find any info on it.  Can you give me some links?

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