The middle of the night

So the other night I was up pretty much all night. I was working on a VHDL project, and in order to draw the x-window display of the signals in this component, the server had to "enumerate" all its fonts into a cache file.  There are 2241 fonts on the server.  It took THREE HOURS for this ridiculous process.  It just sat there going

  1 . . . . . . . .
61 . . . . . . . . . .
121 . . . . . . .

all the way up to stinking 2241.

This started at 1 am.  The project itself took less than an hour.  But I had to wait 3 hours to even do it.

Argh.... so I watched a movie while it enumerated that nonsense.  I have to say that "Being John Malkovich" is easily, I mean, far and away, the weirdest movie there ever could be.  It was interesting though, I liked it.  It wasn’t action-packed or anything, but towards the middle/end when the real John Malkovich sneaks in to "JM, Inc." and starts freaking out... that part was awesome.  John Malkovich is such an awesome actor, he’s so powerful and angry, and I was scared.  But anyway, I mean the movie had Cameron Diaz and John Cusack in it, but they were both nearly unrecognizable... Cusack had long, ratty hair and a beard, and Diaz had long permed dark hair and just a dirty look to her skin.  Neither of them looked like themselves at all.  But the movie was incredibly original, the script is unlike any other I’ve ever seen, just the whole idea was strange and neat.  And there was a monkey in the movie, and I mean he played a semi-significant role, so you know it’s a good movie.

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