Palestinians rejoice at Saddam’s "victories".  This is unbelievable.  No, strike that.  It’s perfectly believable, but it’s nothing more than racist, brainwashed propaganda.

There were many smiling faces in Ramallah Monday as Palestinians celebrated the capture of American and British soldiers by the Iraqi army. ... "This is a big day for the Iraqi people and all the Arabs and Muslims," says a mustachioed Palestinian policeman in green uniform at Yasser Arafat’s battered headquarters in the city.

Translation: even though the Iraqi people have been wishing for this war for 12 years, and want nothing more than to see Saddam removed from power, we extremist Arabs and Muslims sure are glad to see coalition casualties and POWs because the white man is the devil.

"...This is a big blow for Bush and Blair. I don’t believe they will be able to continue with the war now that many of their soldiers are being killed or taken prisoner."

Translation: I am a crack smoking lunatic, and I think that a few dozen casualties is a "big blow."  Nevermind that the coalition has thousands of Iraqi POWs and current estimates say there are a few hundred KIA Iraqi soldiers.

"The Iraqis are much better at war because they have more experience."

Translation: I can’t be troubled with "facts" and "statistics."  We killed an American!!  We are better!  We are winning!

"This is unbelievable. The Americans are losing the war. Iraq is going to be Bush’s Vietnam."

Translation: "The Americans" have secured the majority of Iraq and are closing in on the capital, in less than one week of fighting.  Man, are they ever losing badly.

"Oh Saddam, we love you, why don’t you annihilate all the Jews."

Translation: Now our true colors come out.  We’re knee-jerkingly anti-American no matter what the situation.  We hate America because America supported Israel when us Arabs tried (twice) to eradicate their country, and when we failed (twice) even though our forces massively outnumbered theirs.  All Jews must die.  It doesn’t matter that the only piece of Earth that they (rightfully) claim as their own is about one-onethousandth the size of all our Arab lands -- that is too much for the Jews, and we can’t live without that tiny piece of land.  Gosh, where’s Hitler when you need him?

"The only dictator is Bush, who has waged a war against the Arabs and Muslims."

Translation: because we are extremists, we lack the capacity to understand the details of any given situation.  America is evil and everything they do is evil, so let’s just call everything they do "war against the Arabs and Muslims."  Nevermind that they’re busy freeing our Iraqi brothers and sisters from a dictator who has killed untold numbers of Arabs and Muslims, far more than America ever has.

"The Americans and the British can’t put up with the losses," he explains. "They will have to end the war ahead of time because they are losing too many soldiers."

Translation: I am so brainwashed that I honestly believe the crap that my Arab oppressors leaders feed me.  A few dozen casualties out of 300,000 is far too many, they’ll never be able to carry through with this war.  I’m so glad that Saddam’s defecting and surrendering underfed forced-into-fighting troops army is so powerful.

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01. Mar 26, 2003 at 8:11am by Joseph:

Okay, that is pretty gosh darn funny.  I’m laughing right now as I write this.  What adds to it is the fact that it is, well, a fact.  Those fricken idiots.  WAKE UP, YOU BRAINWASHED POT SMOKERS!

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