Biking biking.

Slow posting here.  It’s been a while, I’ve been busy.  Or lazy.

Last week, I went mountain biking in French Creek state park with Chris and Josh.  Since my bike has no suspension, and they both have full-suspension bikes, they each offered to let me ride theirs for a while.  Well, that only lasted about 10 minutes, because that was as long as they could stand to ride mine!  (It’s really, really rocky in French Creek, and pretty much everywhere around here, sadly... and going down rocky hills really hurts your arms and wrists and back, if you don’t have any suspension.  And going up hills... don’t even get me started.)

But 10 minutes was all it took for me.  I’m hooked.  I’m getting an FS bike, and soon.  I’ve had my Trek 950 for 6 or 7 years now, and it’s been a great bike, but I’ve done a ton more road-riding than mountain biking.  And it did OK on the mountains too, but now that FS has become affordable, I’m there.

After biking, Chris and I watched the movie Phone Booth.  It was better than I thought it would be, but still pretty odd and not entirely satisfying.  After seeing previews a while ago, I thought "I wonder how they’re going to manage to make an entire movie in a phone booth interesting."  But it was.  Still, I wasn’t thrilled about the ending.  Oh, and just about every other word was an expletive.  That was rather put-offish.

Later, I introduced Chris to Strong Bad.  Have I mentioned that your life is incomplete without a weekly (daily?) dose of Strong Bad?

Anyway, Sunday I went mountain biking with Rolly in Wissahickon park, within Fairmount Park, in Philly.  It was super.  It was rocky too -- I went over the handlebars once, but recovered nicely -- but not nearly as bad as French Creek.  After biking about 6 miles out, we rode down off the mountain onto "Forbidden Drive," aka Wissahickon Drive, and took that back.  That drive is the place to be... mad peoples all over.

So, I definitely want to get an FS bike and start biking a lot more.  I wish I knew some people in State College who were into biking like I am.

Oh, on the way to church Sunday, I realized that The Postal Service is totally Volkswagen music.  Sunny Sunday morning, windows down, weird happy "almost da-da-da" music on the stereo... it could have been a VW commercial.

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