New Favorite Pastime

Twenty-four more to go,
and it will be tomorrow.
One more day older,
one more day closer
to some sort of end.
Ten a.m.,
and I’m already ready to say,
"let’s call it a day."

Get me out of this bed,
and tell me what you meant
when you said...
"Everything will be ok."

The parking lot sea and me
wait patiently...
to hear the still small voice
beneath the noise.
The traffic and sirens say,
"run away,"
but the trains say
"stay, we’ve been around,
and it’s all the same...
only the names change."

Just hold my head
and tell me what you meant
when you said,
"Take heart child.
Be still,
and quiet.
Know your burdens
are mine.
And dry your eyes;
there’s so much more
to all of this
than you can see.
So close your eyes tonight,
and trust in me."

Hold my head,
and tell me what you meant
when you said,
"Trust in me."

-Brandtson, New Favorite Pastime

With her there’s no pretending to feel the way I feel.
I’d never second guess myself if everything was real.
She could keep a secret. She could make the plans.
She would miss me when I’m gone, but she would understand.

I wonder when I’ll meet her. I wonder when I see her, will I know.
Another day without her. Another holiday I’ll spend alone.

If ever I might need to hear her voice a while.
I could call from far away, and she would make me smile.
Are you really out there, waiting around for me.
I know I’ll be here for you. If this is meant to be.

One day I know I’ll find her. I wonder when she sees me, will she know.
And on that day I find her. We’ll be the two that never let it go.

- Brandtson, Circa 1991

Yeah, those two songs are pretty much me nowadays.

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