Penn State

Penn State is the worst college of all time.  Here’s a quick sampling of the seemingly-infinite pool of reasons why:

If you need them to do anything financially or administratively for you, there are 2 things I can guarantee about the result: 1) it will be at least a month late, and 2) it will be completely incorrect.

The number of students attending Penn State is inversely proportional to the amount of parking available in Centre County.  The more students attend, the more parking lots get replaced with buildings, and the more streets become off-limits to parking.

They blatantly lie to you by saying that the education you receive at branch campuses is comparable (let alone "equal") to that of main campus.  Branch campuses are 10x easier, you learn 1/4 as much, and you’re 100% unprepared for what awaits you when you set foot in State College.

Moving right along, my photos section has an awesome new feature: you can post comments on individual photos!  I’m really excited about this one.  So for example, you could check out the photos of my new mini musicbox system, and post comments to the effect that it’s the coolest computer system on the planet.  (Note: there is currently a little bug whereby if you post a message in the framed view, it sends you to the slideshow view afterwards.  It’s a harmless bug, and easily fixed, and fixed it will be, but I wanted to let you know that I know about it.)

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01. Sep 3, 2003 at 11:43am by nAtE:

What you said has a certain similarity to those The Truth commercials about smoking.  Perhaps it’s time someone got THE TRUTH out about psu.

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