Single-subject notebooks are five dollars at the HUB bookstore on campus.  Let me just take out an extra loan so I can pay for freaking copybooks with it.  And the "3 subject" notebooks have 120 pages.  Three subjects in 120 pages?  Right.  Maybe if your major is turf management.

Last week I saw a "Jesus fish" that I’d never seen before.  It was just a sticker, not an actual physical raised thing, but it was rainbow colored.  Disgusting.  Way to fly in the face of what Jesus actually said about homosexuality, and pretend that he believes it’s acceptable.  What a giant load of crap.

And, continuing in my rant about the terribleness of Penn State, let me just say that 95% of the teachers here have a serious deficiency in their teaching abilities.  You can’t just give tons and tons of technical detail without putting it into the perspective of a bigger concept, yet that is exactly what many teachers do.  And most of the time, it’s compounded by the fact that the teacher only knows English as a second language.  That is so absurd there aren’t even words for it.  You should not be allowed to have a job in America that requires you to communicate with Americans as your primary duty, unless you can speak American English as well as an American can.

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