Marriage Means Marriage

O’Reilly had a homosexual talk show host on the Factor tonight, one who is against "gay marriage," and he said some interesting things: if society attempts to re-define marriage without the part about "a man and a woman," the result will actually be the undefining of the word marriage.  If two men can claim that they have a "right" to be married to each other, and if society then allows it because it would be "unfair" not to, then a man who wants to marry seven women can use the exact same logic, claiming that his "equal rights" are being violated otherwise.  The end result of that course of action would be that the word marriage no longer has any clear definition.

And of course, it was "wrong" for judge Roy Moore to violate the law by keeping the ten commandments on display in Alabama, but now it’s "ok" for mayor Gavin Newsom to violate the law by issuing marriage licenses to homos in California.  One can only hope that The Predator The Terminator Kindergarten Cop governor Schwarzenegger will put the smack down on that mayor for breaking the law.

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01. Feb 19, 2004 at 12:39am by Anthony:

O’Reilly was on the Jay Leno show tonight, and he was hilarious.  He was cracking jokes left and right; it was a totally different side of him.  Anyway I emailed him to say that he should play clips of it on The Factor, and that reminded me that I mailed him a couple weeks ago and said something that I wanted to post here:

Marriage isn’t a right.  It’s a label.  It’s a label given to couple when one of them is a husband and the other is a wife.  To call it a right is to completely misapply the entire concept.  It’s like saying that a person has the right to be someone’s son or daughter.  "Daughter" isn’t a right, it’s a label to describe the relationship.  It has a very specific definition: daughter means female progeny.  In the same way, marriage has a very specific definition: the union of a man and a woman.  It’s a label to describe that relationship; it isn’t a right granted to the couple.

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