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Man, your preview thing for the posts isn’t working.  I go to preview and I see it for a split second before the font size decreases and the text disappears.  Then I can highlight with my cursor to see the text but something else weird happens.  When I highlight down page it disappears again after I click somewhere else on the page.  If I highlight up page and click somewhere else the text stays and your highlighted spell correct is fine. 

I am using the unholy IE so it may be attributed to that.  I just don’t have Mozilla at work and I rarely use it at home because most normal web pages are designed for IE.

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01. Jan 3, 2005 at 02:10pm by Anthony:

I use Mozilla or Firefox exclusively since I run Linux and there is no IE for Linux.  It’s true that many/most webpages are designed for IE, but it’s also true that most of them also work fine in Moz/Ffox.  I can’t remember the last time I was unable to view a website in Moz/Ffox -- probably when trying to view a trailer for a movie that was embedded in a page or something.  Other than streaming audio/video which is sometimes IE-only, the majority of sites work fine in non-IE browsers.

But anyway, thanks for letting me know about the preview bug.  What you’re describing is the page loading before the stylesheet loads (which formats the fonts etc), and apparently something in my stylesheet is messing up in IE.  I’ll check it out when I get home tonight.

02. Jan 3, 2005 at 02:40pm by kaiser:

Hey man, I’m not defending IE or it’s evil mothership Microsoft.  One guy at work was just complaining about how everything is better in unix based systems.  I agree full heartedly (I used it at Bayer and loved it for what I used it for).  But finding ported programs takes time for a technically challenged fellow such as myself.  Microsoft products are easier for the general public to use and communicate with.  They are not powerful by any means.  In fact it makes the issue of communication into more of a problem than a solution.  It is pandering to stupidity instead of making people smarter or keeping them away from where they don’t belong (i.e. behind a computer).

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