use Mozilla;

Mozilla is a web browser, like Internet Explorer.  But Mozilla is better.  It's free (you don't need to buy Windows to use it), it runs on many different computer platforms, it has built-in pop-up stopping, it has tabbed browsing....

And you don't need to uninstall Internet Explorer to use Mozilla.  You can have them both installed and working at the same time.

Three quick notes about Mozilla:

  1. The default theme is ugly.  So once you download and install mozilla, run it and click the View menu, then Apply Theme, then Modern.

  2. Pop-up blocking is disabled by default.  Click the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Privacy & Security, then Popup Windows.

  3. Mozilla might feel a little slow at first, compared to Internt Explorer.  That's because Internet Explorer is tightly integrated into Windows, so even when it's closed, most of it is still running, and thus it "starts up" faster.  So just leave Mozilla running all the time (close it once a day or so), and then it's just as fast.