ripcd is a command-line CD-ripper and MP3-maker written in Perl for GNU/Linux systems.  It uses cda (from the xmcd package) to get album info from CDDB, cdparanoia to rip the CD tracks to WAV files, and lame to encode the WAV files to MP3s.  It also keeps a local database of the CDDB info, so that once you use it to rip a CD, it won't have to re-download the info.  (Not that there'd really be any reason to ever put the CD into your PC again once you've got the WAVs...)

It's free.  It's simple.  Come on and get in the boat, fish fish.

Download it, remove the ".txt" extension, put it somewhere in your $PATH (/usr/local/bin/ comes to mind...), and chmod it a+x.  Then just edit the few variables near the top, and you're ready to run it.  Contact me if you need any help.