searchtext: does a Google-style search of files on your Unix/Linux computer.

Usage: searchtext <options> <searchpath> <extension(s)|alltext> <terms>

- options is either h or t (for html or plaintext output).

- searchpath will be searched recursively.

- extension is a comma-separated list of one or more extensions (no spaces);
  only files with these extensions will be searched for your search terms.
  or you can say "alltext" here to search most common text file extensions

- terms is any number of words or phrases; put the whole thing in double-
  quotes and put phrases in single-quotes.

searchtext -t /home/me/files/ txt,log "foobar"
searchtext -t /home/me/files/ alltext "foobar 'kick the can' ketchup"

Download, rename to just "searchtext" with no extension, chmod a+x, and move to somewhere in your PATH like /usr/bin/.