oh no, I missed it

Hi !  A quick note to thank you for getting me up and out into cyberspace once again.  The withdraw was really getting pretty bad.  The only REALLY upsetting part of not having my pc was that I missed being your 50,000th visitor, boohoohoo ;-(  Who was it, when did they get on and what was their prize?  So glad you have your CJ back home safe and sound.  Enjoy him!  lvu,

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01. Nov 16, 2003 at 11:35pm by Anthony:

The 50,000th visitor was someone on a dial-up connection to the Penn State Berks POP (point-of-presence); beyond that, I don’t know anything about the person.  It was a direct hit, i.e. they didn’t follow a link from some other webpage, but rather typed the address directly or followed a bookmark in their browser.  The prize was a high-five from me, but since I don’t know who the person is, the prize was not claimed.  It will be added to the pool for the next jackpot.

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