Getting back to normal around here

So I’ve been pretty depressed for the past 10 days or so since my cat disappeared, but it’s starting to become more of "something that makes me really sad when I think about it" and less of "something that makes me constantly depressed because I miss the cat and can’t think about anything except how I should be out looking for him."  And in case you’re about to make fun of me for being a sissy... shut up.

Some pretty funny things have been said of late, so that’s helped.  My sister’s comment about the trailer park was hilarious.  Then tonight I had an exam, and apparently the room got double-booked so all of us CSE465-ers were squished in with a full room of Math110-ers.  (For non-PSU students: Math 110 is math for people who didn’t have math in high school.  Or something like that.)  So anyway, we’re all crowding into this room, about 300 of us, I’d say, and a professor goes "CSE students in the odd seats, Math students in the even seats."  And one of my CSE classmates says, "Although if you’re in Math 110, you may not know what an ’even seat’ is."  Uncontrollable laughter erupted.  (Well, not from the Math students...)

In more news of happiness, Andy put up a bunch of really artistic webpages over here.  The kind of stuff that makes me want to do a new site layout or something, until I realize that my site has way too much stuff on it so all the beauty of that kind of layout would be destroyed.  Oh well.  (PS - on his site, click the little Vs at the bottom to see more.  And if you get the fiery red one, you have to scroll way over sideways (just pretend you have a gazillion inch monitor like Andy :) to get to the Vs.)

I haven’t posted anything about Homestarrunner in a while.  So here are two emails that you should check out right now: Labor Day and Impression.  On "Labor Day," at the end, click on the sign on his cooler, and you’ll hear Homestar rapping.  It’s hilarious.

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