There’s something so enchanting about Philadelphia.  It’s a little scary for me, because of its sheer size compared to where I’m from, and because I got bike-jacked there a few years ago.  But there’s also a sense of security because Rolly lives there (he’s my big brother, you know).

On Saturday I headed down to see Saves The Day with my friend Mark.  We had a bunch of time to kill before the show, and we spent some of it driving around and walking on South Street.  I always feel like I could spend an eternity just taking it all in.  I definitely would not want to live in the city, but I so love to visit it.

We hit this one pizza place (Lorenzo’s?) and it was exactly like the soup nazi’s kitchen.  There’s a sign that says something to the effect of "toppings on slices?  don’t even think about it."  You wait in a line to order (which wasn’t too long at this particular time), tell him what you want, and within 13.82 seconds, you’re out the door.  I suppressed my laughter till we got outside to avoid hearing "NO PIZZA FOR YOU!  COME BACK, ONE YEAR!!"

The show itself was half crap and half awesome.  The crap half was the opening acts -- Boy’s Night Out and Hot Rod Circuit -- along with the inconsiderate people who go to enclosed places and fill the air with cancer.  Mark and I were both about to fall asleep during these first two bands; they were just completely blah.  They did say the F word a lot in between songs, though, so I guess that makes them cool.

But then, then.... then Saves The Day came on.  They were so super.  They opened with my favorite STD song, Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots.  They played tons of songs from the first two albums, Can’t Slow Down and Through Being Cool, and only 3 from the newest album (the 3 that I would have wanted, too), and even one from their awesome acoustic EP.  This was definitely one of the best ideas ever, playing songs from older albums instead of playing just/mostly new songs.  Bands who aren’t Saves The Day could learn a lot from Saves The Day in this respect.

Of course, there were lots of teeny-boppers there, but they weren’t obnoxious or anything, and at least they aren’t blocking your view :)  On the way out, I overheard a kid behind us say, "I’m 19 -- I feel old here."  Mark and I had a good chuckle over that.

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01. Jul 12, 2004 at 10:18pm by Mark:

First i think the on;y reason the "teeny-boopers" weren’t annoting, is because we were upstairs.  I was annoyed by alot of people there, especially the people trying to two-step to freaking Hot Rod Circuit.  Saves the Gay...(pause for Anthony laughing)...was great, although i found myself wondering the whole time what it would have been like to see them at the Church or in a basement show.

Either way i had fun.  It was also annoying when Chris kept saying were going to play old songs, cause i think everyone there knew the old songs anyway.

02. Jul 13, 2004 at 08:01am by Rolly:

Lorenzo’s is among the best pizza in the city.  You should see the lines at 2:30 am when the bars close.  Soemtimes the line stretches outside and down the block.  Good stuff!

03. Jul 13, 2004 at 11:54pm by Anthony:

I meant to say, remember how last summer we said, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Saves back in the day, when they were more punk?  And lo and behold, this summer, it happened. <3

Also, the bass player.  HILARIOUS.  Tall guy with tight blue jeans, a tight polo shirt, a baseball hat, his feet spread way apart... and the entire time, completely motionless in that position except for his pluckin’ fingers and his constantly bobbing head.

And yeah, that pizza was really good.  I’m not sure why, because it was pretty plain, but it was gooood.  The line was short, but we did walk by two cheesesteak places with lines that went out the door and down the block.

04. Jul 14, 2004 at 01:00pm by andy:
funny you mention lorenzo’s.

and if you think philly is huge, go hang out in NYC sometime, that place just doesn’t end

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