Ridiculous reporting never ends

I’m so tired of hearing politicians say "there’s no evidence that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction." For 4 years, he has refused to allow weapons inspectors into his country. Why would anyone refuse such an inspection, other than because they’re developing weapons they don’t want the world to know about?  It’s not that he definitely is, it’s that we have absolutely no idea whether he is.  And that’s the whole point of the UN weapons inspectors -- to make sure no country is secretly developing/stockpiling weapons.

It’s one thing to be a politician and say "I don’t think Saddam is developing such weapons."  That would be fine, but no one says that.  They say "there’s no evidence" and "Saddam is not a threat."  That’s either deliberately misleading, or simply uninformed.  Saddam Hussein is a tryant, a dictator, who tortures and kills not only prisoners, but his own government officials in order to maintain his control.  He has been doing that for longer than I’ve been alive.  To watch such a man reign over his country, watch him deny weapons inspections for 4 years, and then say "he’s not a threat"... the kind of person who could say such a thing does not belong anywhere near the government of any country.

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