so ant and me went shopping at this massive place that maybe is a supermarket called wegmans. (i’m sure it’s more like "i have boxes of stuff you want" organism) but at any rate, so we were there and we bought yogurt!  i am so happy. because with yogurt, you can just sit back and have a nice cool one to relax. nothing to it. but wait there’s more!  i just found out the stuff is alive too!  it’s like active culture of milk or something...which i knew, but like man, i didn’t really connect with the idea it’s probably watching me knock a spoon into it.  so well, that makes me happy too, it’s like i’m not alone either. like i know i’m not, but it’s like now i have a pet, like a dog, but not dirty and it lives in a nice container and i can eat it anytime. it’s so exciting. now all i have to do is like run to my refrigerator and open the door and say "here boy" (and you know i have to pick it up by myself but..) and it jumps into my hand all ready for consumption. it’s kinda like rover getting the paper, in some round sort of way. oh yes.

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01. Sep 7, 2002 at 12:26am by Anthony:

Yeah Wegmans is so Zao.

Yogurt is good too but I always feel strange about eating it, you know since it’s alive and all. I mean... so is bread, but c’mon, yogurt is a-freaking-live. See the difference?

02. Sep 9, 2002 at 6:48pm by Konstantin:

My recommendation to you fella’s is fairly straight forward. Comming later.  Here is the intro BS.

Out of multitudes of varieties of breeds of yogurts you can by there must be thousands.  You walk down the aisle in that same infamous Wegmans and awe in amazement as you broaden your horizons and eloquently enhance your yogurt knowledge.  There is that "fat free" breed(and I do mean breed, not brand), that is the desiree of all dieting peeps, the "low fat", the "really fat" and "non-fat", I mean, if you are one of those types who stare at the same product by different manufacturers and ponder "to buy or not to buy" you’ll be there for over a thousand years and still wouldn’t be able to distinguish the difference between the "fat-free" and "non-fat" ’gurts. 

Now, here is the juicy part.  It does appear to a general reader that the issue here at stake is the yogurt as the life’s companion, a friend and loving presnese in your life, of course, with the option to actually consume that same pal anytime you wish.  Dog, you say, becomes a very likely candidate for this ultimate friendship, with one problem, you can’t eat it.  Then comes yogurt, but, lo, you can’t take it for a walk.  Gentelment,  I belive I found a solution for you - a go-gurt.  Now, you can take it for a walk and consume it as you are doing so...

03. Sep 9, 2002 at 7:23pm by Anthony:

Kocтиk you are a monster. But that was really really funny.

04. Mar 11, 2003 at 7:41am by ,.vkhl:


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